VHF TV Broadcast Antennas

Jampro antenna offers complete VHF TV Broadcast Antennas. We can include system design, integration, installation, and testing on our own coverage test range. In addition, we provide commissioning, training and on-going broadcast maintenance services. Moreover, Jampro antenna systems come with all the component parts needed, no messing about with missing parts!

VHF TV Broadcast Antennas

In addition, Jampro’s range of antenna products is available for Low and Mid-Band channels 2 through 6 and High VHF channels 7-13.  Both horizontal and circularly polarized options are available as standard.

Flexible Designs that just Work!

Also, various antenna designs can adjust to provide your required radiation pattern. Even our simpler designs will adjust to meet the gain and power levels you need! Additionally, the rugged design and both mechanical/electrical construction of the antennas deliver a long and worry-free working life.

Extended Life VHF TV Broadcast Antennas:

Also, very carefully chosen materials resulted in heavy duty galvanized / stainless steel radiating elements. Copper and brass feeder materials ensure a very long-life cycle.  Radome protection of the feed points also eliminates the need for expensive electrical de-icing.

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