TV Broadcast Antennas

A full line of TV Broadcast Antennas built by Jampro will cover any project. These include VHF/UHF Broadband and Slot antennas. Product testing and continued use over many years have proved the product. Both top or side mount Slot and Panel Antennas provide an ideal solution.

TV Broadcast Antennas

Dual Analog and Digital Antennas

The JA-MS-BB Prostar UHF TV Broadcast slot antenna product is available. It’s broadband setup combines both analog and digital requirements. This removes the need for several antennas.

Also, tower space usage lowers significantly. It also greatly lowers wind loading and of course, your budget spend.

TV Broadcast Antennas

Jampro has shipped TV broadband slot antennas for 50 years. These have included various polarized arrays. These will deliver your exact needs.

We have specialists that cover your design needs. When you want more than just a TV Broadcast Antenna, Jampro delivers. Please review both our Panel and Slot antennas on this website.

Ready for the Harshest Weather

Our specialist engineering team always design antennas with high-quality materials. They also provide years of faithful service. These antennas survive the harshest of weather.

Our radome and the deicing kit is always available. Please just let the Jampro sales team know if the installation will be in an area of harsh weather area.

Transmission Line and Components

For a complete TV antenna package, Jampro supplies a full range of the transmission line and the parts needed to complete your installation. Please also review our transmission line page to obtain our catalog. Here you can find the rigid transmission line and the parts you need.

Finally, if you need help with your coverage pattern please just call for help. Outside of business hours just leave a message via our contact us page.  We will then get back to you ASAP.

TV Broadcast Antennas Catalog Download:

TV Antennas Catalog (227 downloads)