Super Slot Low to Medium Power TV Antenna

Jampro has introduced the next generation Super Slot Low to Medium Power TV Antenna. This is for DTV Channels 14-69 (470 to 860 MHz). Economy pricing coupled with exceptional performance provides an uncompromising performance antenna. It also meets the critical coverage needs of growing stations.

Super Slot Low to Medium Power TV Antenna

Jampro also provides a group of horizontally polarized UHF antennas developed to handle up to 2 kW DTV (average). Alternatively, 3 kW analog (NTSC) input power is available.

The product family design also has a low weight and wind load. Furthermore, many stations use existing analog towers with little or no structural changes. Installation can be side or optionally top mounted.

  • VSWR < 1.1:1.
  • 50-ohm input impedance.
  • 470-860 MHz frequency range.
  • Single or multi-channel broadband.
  • Elliptical or circular polarization available.
  • Partial radome for low wind loading.
  • 5 Standard Azimuth patterns.

Next Generation of Super Slot Low-Medium Power TV Antenna from Jampro Antenna

Finally, for more information please call the Jampro team now. Alternatively, please leave a message via the Contact us page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Superslot Antenna (125 downloads)