Optimizer High Power FM Antenna

Optimizer High Power FM Antenna

The Jampro JBCP‐H Optimizer High Power FM Antenna focuses on broadcast applications. These require relative insensitivity to icing conditions as well as high power handling. Manufacturing with high strength thick wall brass and copper with a 3‐1/8″ outside diameter.

Furthermore, while capable of handling 40KW, the JBCP‐H is one of the highest power side mount FM antennas available. On a single frequency, it provides a VSWR is 1.1:1 +/‐ 200 KHz or better.

The use of Radomes is rare. This is because even with 1/2″ of radial ice, the typical VSWR remains less than 1.4:1.  Factory tuning in terms of VSWR is standard. Optional field tuning may also improve the VSWR.

Moreover, this antenna adopts the same principles as the patented PENETRATOR antenna. This series of FM antennas has set the industry standard for FM side mount antennas. Optional 6‐1/8” Center Feed available for higher power handling. Also, the shunt fed design eliminates the need to “slug tune” the antenna in the field for optimum performance. Unlike similar, older designs, the Optimizer uses low impedance bays for un‐excelled stability and bandpass.

Features of Optimizer High Power FM Antenna

  • Outstanding VSWR without the need for field tuning.
  • DC grounded for lightning protection.
  • Excellent duplexing capabilities.
  • Circular or elliptical polarization.
  • High power handling.
  • Also, Beam tilt and null fill available.
  • Custom directional patterns available.
  • FCC Directionalization available.

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