FM Side Mount Antenna

The Jampro JMPC FM Side Mount Antenna is a medium-power version of the Penetrator Antenna. This has become the industry standard. This is for both standard for quality and performance. Rated at 10 kW maximum input, each bay consists of a Penetrator-style radiating element with a 1-5/8” shunt feed line.

FM Side Mount Antenna

Also, tuning to any frequency in the 87.5 to 108 MHz band is available. Moreover, this is on a tower structure that bests simulates the customer’s actual tower. Multiple frequency design is also available. Also, the true circular polarization of the JMPC antenna offers excellent performance for HD Radio, stereo and SCA operation. Typical VSWR is 1.1:1 ± 200 kHz.

In addition, the antenna construction utilizes a high-quality marine brass and copper. A hot dipped galvanized steel mounting bracket for utmost grounding supports each bay.

Also, a hot dipped galvanized steel mounting bracket for the utmost grounding supports each bay. All orders will include standard round leg mounting brackets. In addition, Silver plated inner conductor connectors maximize contact life and minimize power loss. Also, DC grounding at every bay provides maximum lightning protection.

This rugged mechanical construction and mounting ensure the long life and outstanding performance of each JMPC antenna system.

Features of FM Side mount Antenna

  • Radome Deicers.
  • FCC Directionalization Reduced RF Arrays.
  • Pattern Measurement Study Custom Mounting Brackets Electrical Beam Tilt.
  • Null  Fill Multi Frequencies.

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