FM Broadcast Antennas

Jampro, a major FM broadcast Antennas manufacturer offers a quality range of products. Our single frequency and broadband Broadcast Antennas have become radio industry standards.

Our range of FM Broadcast Antennas will deliver a reliable service even when installed in the harshest of environments. Radomes and anti-icing can be made available on request. We offer both panel style and side-mount antennas with common vertical and horizontal polarization. We are also market leaders with both circular and elliptical polarization. Moreover, we will provide you with expert guidance for all your projects. You can expect the best antenna solution for your FM station and its coverage requirements.

Also, we offer a variety of FM Broadcast Antennas with advanced, single frequency and broadband side-mount options.  The J3YF is suitable for both medium and high power single channel or broadband FM stacked arrays.  The JMPC is a medium power version of the popular “Penetrator” series. This antenna forms the industry standard for quality and high performance.

FM broadcast Antennas manufactured by Jampro will always be a wise choice.  Whatever your need, vertical, horizontal, circular, or elliptically polarized. All your antenna products will meet your exact specifications. Moreover, the JFVD vertical dipole flat panel antenna includes balun fed dual dipoles. These deliver a high gain and low downward radiation pattern which is often an ideal combination.

HD Radio™ Ready Products

Moreover, the JAHD flat-panel Arrowhead dipole is HD Radio™ ready! It is an ideal solution in many cases. Also, if you need help with your coverage pattern please do call Jampro. We are here to help!

A range of vertical antennas including the JLVP, JMVP, and JHVP are also available. These provide low, medium and high power solutions ranging from 1kW to 40kW. There is also the JLHP, JMHP, and JHHP that deliver horizontally polarised patterns. Again, this supports working power levels between 1kW and 40kW.

FM Broadcast Antenna Sales Team

Please call the Jampro sales team now for more information and request a quote for the specific antenna you need. Outside of business hours please leave a message via our contact us page. We will be in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.