Lambda Circular Polarization Antenna

The Lambda Circular Polarization Antenna is for Band I channels 2-6, and Band III channels 7-13. The development focused a top-mounted circularly polarized antenna. It has comparable loadings to the familiar horizontally polarized Super-turnstile. In addition, the antenna supports a power rating to 100 kW ERP per plane.  In addition, there is ample reserve capacity.

Circular Polarization Antenna

Both mechanical and electrical design is carefully planned and optimized.  Also, careful selection of materials resulted in a heavy-duty galvanized steel pole and radiating elements.  Grounded Copper, Brass and Gunmetal distribution feeder components, plus stainless steel hardware guarantee its longevity. Finally, the Radome protection of the feed points eliminates the need for expensive electrical de-icing.

The antenna consists of an array of X bays of 4 slant dipoles per bay. Antennas may be provided with either single or dual 3-1/8 EIA input flanges. Also, this is as indicated in the downloadable PDF available below. Additionally, input fine matching minimizes installation and commissioning time. They provide an optimum antenna match to the transmission line.

Features of Lambda Circular Polarization Antenna

  • Circularly polarized.
  • Channels 2-6 in Band I.
  • Channels 7-13 in Band III.
  • Top Mounted.
  • Omni Directional.
  • Super-turnstile Replacement.
  • Grounded copper feed lines.
  • Protective Radomes.
  • Elements at DC ground for lightning protection.
  • Hot dipped galvanized pole.

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