Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna

The Jampro JADP Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna utilizes a wide-band element to excite a cavity resonator. This provides maximum beam control. As a result, the antenna is far superior to standard flat panel designs. Moreover, this antenna has low VSWR, uniform pattern and axial ratio across a wide band of frequencies.

Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna

Also, the feed system includes dry air pressurized power dividers, feed baluns and flexible copper coax cables.Additionally, the balun and dipole feeds can be enclosed in a radome for harsh weather sites.

Features of Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna

  • Excellent for multi or single station use.
  • VHF Bands I, II, III (FM) 87.5-108 MHz.
  • Rugged mechanical construction.
  • Single or dual feed systems.
  • Excellent axial ratio control design.
  • Marine brass, stainless steel & copper for long life.
  • HD Radio compatible.
  • Also provides an Omni-Directional pattern.
  • Dual input HD field upgrade is available.
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  • HD ready for low level, high level or mid-level combining.

Finally, for more information please call the Jampro team.  Alternatively, please leave a message via the Contact us page and we will respond to you as soon as possible.


JADP-Literature-1.pdf (99 downloads)